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Monday, November 28, 2005

This Week's Carnival of Personal Finance

Monday is Carnival Day! This week's Carnival of Personal Finance is up and running at Financial Fruition.
First, there are three pieces on budgeting and record keeping. In Budget Breakdown, Dawn at Frugal For Life provides the essential information on budgeting. In Budgeting Made Easy, Retire at Thirty provides another "budgeting primer" piece. Finally, in Poor Money Management, Cathy at CFO (Chief Family Officer) talks about having a monthly spending plan.

Dan from Searchlight Crusade continues his series on things to watch out when geting a loan in Games Lenders Play (Part IV).

In Unclaimed Property That'’s Rightfully Yours, Steve Pavlina works us through the process of searching for unclaimed property. It's worth it - I did this a few years ago and found a small account (about $50) that was owed to the Unknown-Mother-In-Law. It scored a few points for me.

Finally, Clint at Million Dollar Goal discusses How Taxes Affect Your Returns. Remember - it's the after-tax return that matters.
That's it for this week in the "money" carnivals.

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