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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bank Accounts For the Unknown Kids

A bit of a milestone in the Unknown Household today. We just got savings accounts for the Unknown Son and the Unknown Daughter. This last week, I got an inexpensive coin sorter and we rolled up0 seeral years worth of saved coins. We then gave half to each child to start their bank accounts off on the right foot (it came to a bit over $150 each).

They already have "piggy" banks, but they're overflowing, so this seemed like the the obvious next step. The reactions of each child were right in character -- the Unknown Son was a bit blase about the whole thing, but the Unknown Daughter was pretty excited (as expected - I refer to her as "the Exclamation Point With Legs").

They've already got small mutual fund accounts set up, and I'll start letting them in on them next year.

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