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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tuesday Link Dump

As I looked at my blogging, my output has been pretty pathetic of late - only two posts in the last week. Ah well, sometimes things get busy, and blogging will neither get me tenure (like my research and teaching) or put extra money on the table (Like teaching CFA on the side).

Luckily, the CFA stuff drops off the table after tomorrow. So after that, I should be blogging more regularly. In the meanwhile, here's the latest link dump:
Barry Ritholtz at The Big Picture reports on some trends in dividends and earnings.

Cool Tools has an interesting piece on finding hostels on the internet.

The SEC is investingating whether hedge funds use inside information gathered in one setting to make insider trades in another.

Paul Kedroski discusses a paper that finds that analyst disagreement is associated with overvaluation.

The Wall Street Journal outlines some of the ways hedge funds and PE funds are increasingly finding themselves at odds.
Back to the grinding of data!

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