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Saturday, December 08, 2007

CFA At Unknown University

This seems to be the season for things CFA-related. I've just seen the pool of students who've applied for CFA scholarships from Unknown University. We had eight apply, and the weakest of the bunch has a 3.4 GPA (and there's one student who's a finance undergrad currently getting a Masters in Accounting - definitely a plus when dealing with all the Financial Statement Analysis/ Accounting material on the exam).

So, I think we'll be able to pick five extremely good candidates. We also just found out that the local CFA chapter has a few additional scholarships to award, and that they'll be happy to let us do the initial sorting for the scholarships.

I'm particularly happy that seven of the eight applicants for the scholarships are my current or former students (one took me for three separate classes). So, they actually listened to some of what I'd been saying all semester.

On a somewhat related note, this Wall Street Journal article details the lengths that CFA candidates go to take the exam in India. And here I was worried that I had to drive a couple of hours to take it myself.


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