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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How to Get a Good Job - Early Advice For Finance Majors

Since I run Unknown University's student-managed investment fund, I get to know a lot of our brightest students - they often come with GPAs well north of 3.50. Many of them hop to eventually work in the investment management industry, either as an analyst, for a hedge fund, as a trader, etc....

Unfortunately, they often have a hard time because A) there's a lot of competition for those jobs (particularly now), and B) Unknown University is not a school that top firms typically recruit from (we're not Ivy League, or even close).

So, I thought I'd put together some tidbits I've found on how to get that plum job - whether on Wall Street or in Corporate America (where most graduates end up). The key is (to borrow a phrase from The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People) to Begin With The End In Mind. So, let's look at the sort of things you'd want to have
  • Good Grades
  • Take hard courses - Accounting/Finance
  • Know Your Professors - one or two a semester
    • Build your reputation
  • Have experience (summer jobs/internships
  • Get your contacts
    • Family & friends
    • Alumni - get a mentor
  • Don't depend on your placement office
  • Know "the deal" - research your job and your company
    • Read their annual report
    • Vault.com
  • Read the WSJ - become versed in the language of business.

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How about some things for the undergrads?

Work Backwards
  • What's the job
  • What does it require
  • does it fit you
  • what will your resume need to look like
  • How can you find an entre
get a mentor
know your profs
know your dean
do something for the college - advisory board
be a boy scout - trustworthy, loyal, etc...
get good grades and a good reputation

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