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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CFA Level 2 Results

I finally got to the CFA Institute Website for my Level 2 results - of course, the server was overloaded for the first half hour after results were made available. Once again, it wasn't pretty, but I passed. CFAI only gives a very broad idea as to how candidates scored, but based on their report, I scored above 70% on approximately 60% of the material, between 50% and 70% on 25% of the material, and below 50% on the remaining 15% of the material.

But who cares? I passed.

So for now, it's back to research. Here's what's on my plate:
  • Finish two papers that are somewhere between initial results and finished manuscript. They WILL be done by mid-September to submit to a conference. On one, I'm the data guy. On the other, I'll probably do the initial draft.
  • Do the final edits on a paper that's previously been rejected and reworked. It should be done by next week to send out to yet another journal
  • Finish updating the data set to add another 5 years of data for another paper that was rejected, then redo all the analyses. I get to play "data monkey" on this one too, and my coauthor gets to do the rewrite.
I also have a syllabus to write for my new MBA class. I taught it once before, but that was years ago. This'll be the first time teaching MBA since 2001, so it should be fun.

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