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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Resources for the Classroom

Here are a few helpful resources that I use a lot in the classroom:

  • Yahoo Finance: a great site for stock market information and news
  • TradeSports: a site that makes markets in Arrow-Debreu securities based on an amazing array of events, from election outcomes to whether or not Osama Bin Laden gets captured by a certain date. It's similar to the Iowa Electronic Markets, but also lets you view a good part of the order book. Great for talking about market microstructure.
  • ProfessorJournal.com: want to use more current business news into your classroom but don't want to spend the time doing the reading necessary to keep up? They make it easy. Make sure to sign up for the Educators Reviews. They email you three articles each week with summaries and a set of questions to use in the classroom (a searchable database too). Best of all, it's free.
Let me know if you have other handy resources. I'll eventually put up a permanent list.

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