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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

This Week's Carnival Of The Capitalists

It's a bit late to mention it, but this week's Carnival of the capitalists is up at AnyLetter as usual, here are my picks of the week:
Sarah Lewis has a nice piece on tax-lien certificate investing. It's good, because she lays out both the advantages and disadvantages very well.

Political CalculationsIron Man talks about a recent post by Barry Ritholtz that discusses the performance of various sectors (particularly energy). Iron Man's piece, titled how you look at it disagrees with Ritholtz, and that's good (not that I have anything against Ritholtz, but seeing an issue from multiple perspectives appeals to the academic in me).

I've mention this previously, but anything by Steve Bainbridge on insider trading is worth listening to. This time he discusses the Senator Frist/HCA Insider Trading Controversy.

Consumerism Commentary talks about Raising Your FICO (credit) score. Nuff said.

Barry Ritholtz from the Big Picture tells us There's No Inflation Except Inflation. Sounds like Barry's been watching The Matrix.

Patri Friedman of Catallarchy works at Google. He describes how Google's using internal prediction markets. It's a very clever application of how to use markets to extract information from a diverse (and dispersed) group.

Brian of Financial Reference gives advice on overcoming the fear of investing during recent market conditions.

Since it's not a week at Financial Rounds unless we mention SOX, George at Fat Pitch Financials focuses on the recent SEC vote allowing small companies more time to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. He talks about possible investment opportunities from firms going private to avoid SOX.
As always, these aren't all the posts, just the ones that caught my eye. Look around, since your tastes are probably different from mine (if they don't, that's a very, very scary thought, and you should seek professional help - quickly.)

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