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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Coffee That's Good To The Last Drop(ping)

I like a good glass of wine, but I'm not anywhere near being in the same league as some other well known bloggers. What I really like is a good cup of coffee. Way back in the early 80's I lived right around the corner from a coffee shop (this predated the Starbucks era). The owner was a crusty old codger who it turns out had owned a coffee plantation in Guatemala. So, he took a group of us and schooled us in all things coffee-related. I had actually gone to coffee tastings long before I went to my first wine tasting, and about ten years before it became trendy.

There are a lot of similarities between wine lovers and coffee lovers. Each has their own language for describing their favorite varieties, and each has contingents that go "over the top".

However, it seems that coffee drinkers win the contest for sheer absurdity.

That's just wrong on so many levels -you could say, "from top to bottom" (sorry, couldn't help myself). Somehow, I'm not surprised that most of the orders have been from California.

I'll stick to my Costa Rican blend, thank you very much.

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