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Friday, May 19, 2006

Stick A Fork In Me! I'm Done With Grading For The Year!

I just handed in my grades for the semester, which means I am done with my official duties at Unknown University. Woo Hoo!

Now I wait for the emails from students wondering why they got the grades they did. Maybe I'll just point them to this piece by the Angry Professor at A Gentleman's C.

However, there's still lots to keep me busy in the next few weeks. We list our house with the realtor tomorrow, and we still have about another 3 hours of primping the house up to make it look better than it ever did in the normal course of our lives. After that, our lives becomes much less stressful and simpler.

After we meet with the realtor tomorrow and list the house, I get to take the Unknown Wife our to celebrate her birthday (dinner and a movie - we're not that exciting). Luckily, the Unknown Kids' favorite babysitter is back from college, so they can't wait for us to leave them with her.

In addition, I still have a few "paperworky" type things to take care of at my current school, but that shouldn't take too long (a reimbursement form or two).

I'll also be meeting regularly over the next month or two (or whenever we leave for greener and more expensive pastures) with two grad students. They're working on projects with me that we hope will be ready to submit to a conference by late fall. The data they'll collect will eventually be used in their dissertations in some form or other (and I'll be sitting on their committees as an outside member), so they're eager to get set up nd on the way before I leave town.

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