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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Link Dump

It's a good start to the year - I submitted a paper to a journal today. It's been sitting on my desk for too long, but it's done, done, done (at least until it comes back). So now it's on to other things - like getting a paper ready to submit to the Financial Management Association (FMA) conference. This year it's in Orlando, so I definitely want to go.

So while I rewrite my coauthor's first draft, here are some links to keep you busy:
The New York Times highlights some rising stars in the field of economics. There are a few that actually do finance.

The next time you want to speak directly to a human being rather than go through the automated phone system, check out this list at gethuman.com

Joe Carter at Evangelical Outpost has the latest installment of his Yak Shaving Razor series.

Richard Shaw at SeekingAlpha.com has a nice chart of the spread between long-term Treasury Bond rates and Treasury Bill rates over the last 80 years.

Finally, the Wall Street Journal discusses how securities firms and making money hand and fist out of sweeps accounts.
Enough bloggery - back to work.

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