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Monday, April 16, 2007

Death By PowerPoint

Ah! Another Monday in the hopper. Only three more weeks of classes left. Can you tell I've had enough of this semester?

At least I'm getting closer to being ready for my conference. I've just about finished my quiz for Friday's class (on efficient markets and performance measurement), I've downloaded the paper I'm discussing, and I'm about halfway through with my presentation.

One of the things I've learned about conference presentations is "less is more." In this conference, we have about 15-20 minutes for presentations, and I go last out of 4 papers in my session. So, if history repeats itself, someone before me (either a presenter or a discussant) will go WAY over time. So, I'll limit my presentation to 8-9 slides at most, and no tables (only bullet points for my results).

On that note, here's a short and very funny video on how NOT to do a Powerpoint presentation (HT: Presentation Zen).

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