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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

He is Risen!

A Happy Easter to all of you and yours. We're celebrating ours the traditional way. We visited my mom and two brothers yesterday, and did the church thing this morning. Now it's to Grandma's place for Easter Dinner with the Unknown Wife's side of the family. It'll be a good time - three sisters, each with husbands and two kids. So there'll be 14 people in a fairly small house on the Connecticut Shore.

The Unknown Wife, her mom, and her two sisters married pretty interesting sorts - there's one pastor (Unknown Mother-in-Law's married him after her first husband passed away), one independent actuarial consultant, one college professor, and one therapist. Not that it matters a whole heck of a lot, but of the average "spousal IQ" for the family is probably 140 or so). So there's always lots of interesting conversation.

Here's hoping you all have a good time with your nearests and dearests.

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