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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Leaving on Vacation

The Unknown Family is going on the road. We're leaving tomorrow and driving to West Virginia for a family get together, then to Atlanta for a few days, then to Baltimore, and then home. So, between tomorrow and the 22nd, we'll put in some 2500 miles of traveling. I'll try to update a few times, but blogging will be spotty at best (at least one of the places we'll be at has no wireless).

Since I'm not bringing my bike, I put in a longer ride today - my first 25 miler in a couple of years. It went pretty well - I was averaging almost 16 miles an hour over a pretty hilly course until I turned onto a road that was in the process of being paved. Somehow, bike tires don't roll nearly as well with a quarter inch of tar and dirt around them (imagine that). So, it's off to the bike shop for some new tires and a thorough cleaning and tune up (if the tires look like that, I can only imagine what's in the gears). The shop said I'll have my bike back on the 22nd, which works out just fine. But for now, my legs are surely beat.

update: I guess I went harder than I thought - going up stairs is no fun!

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