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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The College Debauchery Index (From Motley Fool)

At the beginning of my Principles of Finance Class, I usually solicit questions from my students (i.e. what questions about the world of finance would you like to get the answers to in this course?). Invariably, at least one asks "What's the Dow Jones Average?", or "What's the S&P?" So, I usually spend at least part of an early class on the meaning of a stock index. Now, thanks to the folks at the Motley Fool, Ihave a new favorite index to show my students: The College Debauchery Index:
If there's a group of people who know more about debauchery, I haven't met 'em. Have you folks seen those Girls Gone Wild videos? Heavens to Betsy... I mean, I've only seen the ads, of course, but there's enough there to convince me that the weekend behavior of today's college kids makes yesteryear's Animal House antics look like a church supper.

So props to a well-organized group of college students who have stepped away from the keg and tap to analyze this behavior and model an appropriate stock portfolio based on the results. Behold the glory that is the College Debauchery Index.

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