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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Economics for the Citizen (Part 1) by Walter Williams -- Capitalism Magazine

Walter Williams is known to many from his often over-the-top guest hosting appearance on the Rush Limbaugh radio show. However, when he's not writing newspaper columns or doing Limbaugh's show, he teaches at George Mason University in Virginia. He put together a series of lectures on economics (available free from Capitalism Magazine) for the average citizen, and they're definitely worth a read. I'd preface this by this snippet from Williams:

Professor Armen Alchian, a very distinguished economist, used to give me a hard time in class. But one day, we were having a friendly chat during our department's weekly faculty/graduate student coffee hour, and he said, "Williams, the true test of whether someone understands his subject is whether he can explain it to someone who doesn't know a darn thing about it."
Here's a link to the first one (you can find links to the others on the right hand sidebar in the article).

Economics for the Citizen (Part 1) by Walter Williams

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