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Monday, June 13, 2005

This Week's Carnival of The Capitalists (at Byrne's Marketview)

This week's Carnival of The Capitalists is up at Byrne's Marketview. It has the usual incredibly diverse set of posts from a large cast of characters. Here are some of the more "finance/econ" related ones:
--Peter at Fund Universe details the 5 most common investor errors today. Point three is particularly salient: Hedge funds and private equity accounts are not a seperate asset class at all, and it's dangerous to diversify your way into a "hot", volatile, illiquid investment like them.

--Joshua Sharf at Three-Letter Monte ("An MBA/MSF Pursues a CFA") examines pass rates for the CFA exams, and looks at how a changing perspective on which exam should be done when has affected test-takers' activities.

--Tony Straka of The Prudent Investor - seeing too many bubbles is treading on dangerous ground: he wonders if "Conundrum" is short for "Surefire indicator of future recession" in Greenspanspeak. Whether or not that's true, I have to ask: Do you really want to further limit what Mr. Greenspan permits himself to say?

--Barry Ritholtz at The Big Picture looks at how Britain is following the same path as the US, with high consumer debt, increasing interest rates, and even a real-estate bubble. Scary.

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