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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The 10th Annual Redneck Games (From the Sports Economist)

Now this is definitely a Southern event:
In his garage, Melvin Davis keeps 230 trophies he's won racing motorcycles, go-karts and pickup trucks. But he's best known for a sport that earned him four trophies topped with crushed Bud Lite cans

"Yeah, looking back on it I'm proud. But when I done it I felt a little silly," said Davis, 68. "People were going, `There's the bobbing-for-pigs-feet champion!'"

Bobbing for pig feet, the mudpit belly-flop, the armpit serenade — they're all part of the Redneck Games, a series of good ole'ympic events for the ain't-so-athletic celebrating their 10th year in middle Georgia.

Having lived down South for a while, I can only imagine what they use in place of the olive wreath given to the winners...

Hat tip to the The Sports Economist for the link.

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