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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Tutoring For Big Bucks

According to this article on Bloomberg, some SAT tutors make almost $700 per hour!

Inspirica's only "master" tutor, Donald Viscardi, costs $525 an hour. Advantage Testing Inc. in New York charges $685 for its best tutors. And a top tutor with the Princeton Review can cost as much as $300 an hour...

...Students who can't afford a tutor usually buy preparation guides such as the "The Official SAT Study Guide: For the New SAT'' for $14.
My first thought was that I'm in the wrong business.

Since finance theory says that there's "no free lunch", I thought about it a bit more. Then I realized that I'd have to put up with the kind of parents that would be willing to pay this much for tutoring. I have friends that teach at "elite" universities with tuition well north of $35,000 per year. Their students are pretty high-maintenance, and the students' parents are not shy about making demands for their little darlings.

Hat tip to Joanne Jacobs for the link.

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