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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Moebius Stripper Sets The Student Straight

In addition to having one of the best pseudonyms out there, Moebius Stripper at Tall, Dark, and Mysterious also writes a pretty good (and often thoroughly snarky) blog. She's been a math instructor at a college in Canada, and currently works in (gasp) the real world.

In this piece, titled Your stupid misconceptions addressed she writes:
I’d have nothing worth blogging if it weren’t for the fact that one of my former students recently took me to task in the comments section on my most recent post!

Just kidding! Reader Carolyn wasn’t one of my students; rather, she’s a genetically engineered composite of every student that every academic blogger has ever complained about. O Lord, thank you for this bounty.

She then proceeds to thoroughly fisk the student's comments. If you're an academic, read it - it's a classic - I've heard most of this student's complaints before (we all have), and thought of responding in Moebius' fashion. Luckily, I haven't, since I'm not tenured. But, as Chris Rock would have said, "I can understand it".

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