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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tuesday Link Dump - The Merger and Private Equity Edition

I've been a little lax in blogging lately, but I'm still on the mend from the pneumonia. I'm still not anywhere near back to full capacity (and from what I've heard, I won't be for a while), but at least I'm on the mend. I now only have coughing fits mostly in the morning and late evening.
From what I've heard, this thing can take 4-6 weeks to completely beat.

For some reason, the articles that have caught my eye lately have been mostly related to M&A and PE topics. So, I'll just call this the M&A and PE edition of the Link Dump:
TheStreet.com has some interesting stock filters. In one, they screen for takeover candidates - firms with high price/cash flow multiples and low debt ratios.

A recent WSJ article chronicles how bondholders are bargaining more intensely for a bigger piece of the premiums in PE transactions in Bondholders Fight Back

In another PE-story, CNNMoney.com asks if there's a "private equity backlash".

James Altucher at TheStreet.com has a very nice primer on merger arbitrage (HT: Abnormal Returns)

Finally, the NY Times Online asks the question "Should You Buy When the Smart Money Sells?". The piece discusses the returns investors have historically made from "seasoned" IPOs - IPOs of companies that were taken private and then subsequently taken public a while later.
Time to get back to work - I've got a lot of catching up to do since I got almost nothing done last week.

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