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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Friday Link Dump

As we close out yet another week, I'm still buried. So, here are the links for today.
DealBook reports on a study that shows that so-called private equity flips (i.e. taking a firm private and then bringing it back to public status in a short period) fails to much shareholder value.

In another article, Dealbook reports on how private equity has created a lot of job opportunities for CFOs.

Professorbainbridge.com tells us how much of the focus on corporate governance is misplaced -- agency costs aren't the be-all and end-all they're made out to be.

Larry Ribstein at Ideoblog points out the first article on Backdating by law profs (there've been quite a few by finance folks).

From the WSJ -- my addiction just got more expensive (by $0.05 a dose). Ah well, I'll still get my StarCrack.
Enough for now - back to work.

Update (9/24): Somehow, I must have hit the wrong button - I inadvertantly saved this as a draft rather than publishing it. So, the links are a few days out of date. I must need more coffee.

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