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Friday, September 01, 2006

Summer Is Dwindling

The last days of summer are dwindling away. I spent most of the day taking care of writing my syllabi for the fall term (we don't start classes until next Wednesday, so there's still time). I have two "new preps" (i.e. classes I haven't taught before). Unfortunately, one of the classes I'm teaching has two sections (I take one, and another faculty takes the other), so there are co-ordinations issues. In other words, we have to agree on a common syllabus. So, everything takes longer.

I knocked off work at 3 and drove the 10 minutes to get home. The neighborhood had a talent show, and about a dozen young kids (all under showed 12) strutted their stuff their stuff -- everything from Country Karaoke to a coronet solo to "Irish Dancing" (the Unknown Daughter) to joke telling (the Unknown Son).

Kind of a nice ending to the summer (they start school Tuesday).

And yes, I do live in a neighborhood that's straight out of Leave It To Beaver land.

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