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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Cat vs. Ceiling Fan

Disclaimer: the following material is neither finance nor economics related. However, it is funny as all get out.

I'm not a big cat fan (or even a fan of small cats, for that matter). However, this just cost me a cup of coffee, which I sprayed all over my keyboard (compliments of Neal Boortz).

Cat vs. Ceiling Fan (wmv file)

Does this make me a bad person?

Update: Apparently Steven Bainbridge (the Professor of the Vines) is also not much of a cat fancier. Yet another reason I like his blog.

Update2: Apparently, the clip is cut from a longer piece that might have been part of a "viral marketing" effort by Nokia. And yes, in the longer clip you can see the cat run off afterwards, so he's o.k. Knowing cats, he'll find some way to extract payback.

Based on all the hits I've gotten from this, maybe I should run a cat video of the week...

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