Thursday, August 04, 2005

Net Roundup

I'll be traveling today to the Outlaws (the Unknown Father-In-Law and the Unknown Mother-In-Law). Since we head out shortly, I thought I'd "flush the buffer" and do a quick list of some interesting posts I've seen recently:
Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution relays an interesting example of a market-based system for setting cab fares - they bid for your services on line.

The Motley Fool has an article titled 9 Ways to Pay Off Debt. I know it sound like I beat on this drum a lot, but good advice bears repeating.

Arnold Kling attempts to explain the CAPM without using numbers in his Tech Central Station column titled One Price For Risk. The article is part of an extended series explaining financial markets using the anaogy of a food court (mmmmm, donuts!).

Keith at To Done gives 10 Tips To Better Meetings. Give this to the members of any committee you serve on (and to your department chair)

Jim Garven (a finance/insurance prof at Baylor). Explains catastrophe (or "cat") bonds. For the uninitiated, they're a cross between a plain vanilla corporate bond and an insurance policy.
This should keep you all busy while we drive up the East Coast.

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