Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Break, and The Living Is Good

Spring Break has officially begun at Unknown University. Since I'm on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule this semester, that means blessed relief from classes for another 10 days.

Other than a bit of extra time catching up with the Unknown Family (it's off to Horton Hears a Who in a few minutes), that means I get to focus on my research and catch up on studying for CFA Level2. I've got a rewrite of a first draft that need attention, a revise and resubmit to work on, and another rejection that needs to be tweaked and sent back out.

As for the CFA, I'm pretty much on track, but there's still a lot to go (and only 12 weeks until the exam). I still need to take a first pass at Ethics and Derivatives, I'm only about half done with the Fixed Income material, and Financial Statement Analysis will need at least two more passes before I'm comfortable with it.

But for now, I'm lovin the break from the classroom. I like teaching, but a breather is always appreciated by this point in the semester.

And no, I don't expect to show up on any video collections sold over the cable channels (even as comic relief).

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