Monday, April 21, 2008

Empirical Finance Research

When Financial Rounds first started out, a number of the bigger names in the finance/econ blogoshpere were nice enough to mention this site. So, whenever possible I try to pay the favor "forward" by doing the same for newer blogs. The latest new finance blog of note is titled Empirical Finance Research, which is intended to (in the authors' own words):
  1. Highlight research from the academic finance archives that may be useful to investors.
  2. Serve as a venue for the contributors to share our thoughts and insights with others who enjoy empirical finance research.
  3. Act as an outlet for authors or readers who would like to showcase their latest research.
It's authored by three guys (two of which are currently pursuing Ph.D.s in finance), and focuses on investment applications of current academic finance research. Good job, gentlemen, and keep up the posting. After all, the world needs more blogs run by finance PhDs.

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