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Monday, February 20, 2006

This Week's Carnival Of The Capitalists

This week's COTC is up and running at The Stalwart. There are a lot of good pieces this week, but here are the ones I particularly liked:
I always like "unintended consequences" articles. Steven Silvers has one where he predicts chaos when new SEC rules on pay disclosure come into force.

Mover Mike is looking at the possibility of widespread derivatives use causing a shock to our financial system.

James Hamilton at EconBrowser discusses why recent oil spikes haven't produced more of a drag on the economy.

Stephen Bainbridge talks about the various functions of The many functions of corporate boards.

Small Biz trends also explores zillow.com and argues that it won't be a threat to realtors.

MyMoneyBlog has a great post that compares current internet scams to the originator of the "ponzi" scheme, Charles Ponzi
As always, these are just the ones I found particularly interesting. Your tastes are almost certainly different, so look around. Something that doesn't do it at all for me might be just what you need.

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