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Friday, October 05, 2007

I Made It Through The Week!

I survived the week. And everything went well:
  • My trip to my former school went well - my student successfully defended her proposal, and won't have to do much more empirical work to finish her dissertation. She does, however, have to do a better job of fleshing out her literature review, hypothesis development, and discussion of results.
  • The class I taught on SAS programming was well received - the students were pretty engaged, asked a lot of questions, and seemed to get a lot out of the material.
  • My coauthor and I did a lot of work on our paper.
  • I survived the CFA class - it's the same modules I taught last year, so there was minimal prep.
  • My graduate assistant is working on the project I assigned (the one he was trying to duck earlier). He seems to have actually made some progress.
  • My students blew off class again today. So, those who showed up got another bonus. And in addition, they actually got to see the problem set that's due on Wednesday. And since there's no class on Monday, those that were absent pretty much gave themselves an auto-screwing.
And last but not least, I just got another revise-and-resubmit from a journal today. Now it's off to the Unknown Wife's Homecoming at her former school. We're spending a couple of days with a college friend of hers and touring the Big City on the way back.

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