Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Great Reading List Of Children's Books

The Unknown Kids are both voracious readers. Not only that, but they know what "voracious" means, and how the word is connected to the words "carnivore", "herbivore", and "omnivore". And that's pretty good for a first grader and a third grader (hey, I have to spend at least a little time bragging on the Unknown Progeny).

So, if you have your own young bibliovore in the house, here's a great list of children's books from Theresa Fagan. She also writes:
The most serious battle going on in this country is over the souls of our children. It is impossible to exaggerate the power of the image to form or deform the way they think. It is crucial to arm them with heroes that make virtue attractive. This will entail exercising your God-given authority, but that’s what it’s for.

For starters, get the TVs and computers out of their bedrooms, and drastically curtail their use. Cut the plugs if you have to. Then, stock the house with good books.

When they’re bored, they will read.

A lady after my own heart.

HT: Craig Newmark, who finds a lot of stuff I can steal.

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