Saturday, May 17, 2008

Neuroblastoma is Genetic

Because of the Unknown Son's battle with Neuroblastoma, we try to keep abreast of new developments in treatment. So, we were pretty interested in this news piece. A group of researchers have identified a group of genetic markets that predispose someone to getting the disease. Since both the Unknown Son and his cousin had the disease (and it's rare to see two cases in the same family), I like to think that the samples they took from them played some small part in the discovery.

You can read the news story and see a video segment that ran on the news here. It highlights John Maris, who may be the country's (and possibly the world's) most prolific Neuroblastoma researcher. Since he spearheaded Unknown Son's treatment at while we were at CHOP, we were glad to see him mentioned.

It's too early to see how this discovery will change Neuroblastoma diagnosis or treatment, but learning more about the genetic basis of the disease can only help. And it's pretty cool.

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