Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Finance Blogs In The News (From Seeking Alpha)

This just came across Reuters recently (courtesy of Seeking Alpha):
The financial blogs cover a wide spectrum. At one end are the very personal accounts by individuals who have had money problems, are digging themselves out, and want to share their story with the world. At the other end are rabid day traders whose entire blog entries consist of over-the-counter ticker symbols with "Long!" or "Short!" written next to it. In the middle are blogs by professors, brokers, mortgage bankers and stock market hobbyists.
...And now, a list to get you started. Here are some spots that list most financial blogs, as well as a few standouts.
  • The mother of all investment blogs with links to everything stock market, venture capital and economics.
  • A big, busy blog by a 29-year-old seeking to retire at age 40 with at least $1 million. It's full of personal finance and investing tips, well organized, with links to many, many other money blogs.
  • This is a list of most financial blogs. It's also a money tips blog of its own, that appears to have a writer AND an editor. Consequently, it's shorter, snappier, and smarter than a lot of the competition.
  • Short and sweet and focused on family finances. Newish, so there's not too much there yet.
  • A fee-only financial planner's musings on stocks, savings, inspirational books and more.
  • Where the self-proclaimed cheapskates chill. Lots of links and content for folks who are convinced they can save as much through smart household management as they can make in the stock market -- especially these days.
Unfortunately, I didn't make the cut...(sniff!).

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