Thursday, May 12, 2005

How To Blog Like A Rock Star (From

Every once in a while, I like to "metablog" (i.e. blog about blogging). Ambra Nykol over at has been metablogging, and has a piece titled, "how to blog like a rock star". Here's a summary of part 2 of the series:
  • Do not check your web stats each day (sorry, I'm too neurotic)
  • Avoid "get hits quick" schemes (I call this "linkslutting"). And no, articles on contracts on the Michael Jackson case don't count. But, in case you're interested...
  • Write like everybody's reading
  • Genuinely comment on other people's blogs
  • Join an alliance or two
  • Specialize
  • Draw readers, not tourists
Click here for the whole post, and here for part 1 of the series. It's definitely worth a read. My sense is that the successful bloggers show a window into who they are, and their blogs have a focus and a personality.

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