Monday, May 23, 2005

This Week's Carnival of The Capitalists

This week's Carnival of The Capitalists is up at Ideologic. There's a higher than usual finance/non-finance ratio of links in this week's Carnival. Here are the finance/venture capital ones:
Patri Friedman at Catallarchy summarizes a talk given by John Bogle on what he calls the “Cost Matters Hypothesis” - an alternative explanation to the Efficient Market Hypothesis on why most mutual funds do not beat the market rate of return over the long term.

Ironman at Political Calculations discusses excerpts from a speech given by Rob Arnott at an investing conference in his post: Indexing Fundamentals.

Barry L. Ritholtz at The Big Picture rounds up Real Estate statistics, commentaries, and ideas for your reading pleasure.

Micro Venture Capital - I need some for my venture and I am sure there are others like me. M.Simon from Power and Control discusses an article by a MIT Professor and wonders if a new breed of Venture Capitalists can emerge to finance Micro Ventures?

Businessorati of BusinessWorks Inc provides information about alternate source of financing-Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), a federal funding program.

John Dmohowski of Drakeview says, Mergers and Acquisitions are favored exit strategies for Venture backed firms and IPO activity continues to remain depressed.

If you have time, wander around the various booths in the Carnival. These Carnivals are a great way to find new blogs that you otherwise might never wander across.

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