Friday, December 02, 2005

The Radical Guide to Credit Cards

It's the holiday season, so it's also the time to think about credit cards. This time of year, there's always the temptation to buy "just one more present". So, a good number of people begin the new year burdened by too much credit card debt. David Jackson (founder of the Seeking Alpha blog network has an outstanding piece on all things credit card related, called
The Radical Guide to Credit Cards. Here are some of the areas the guide covers (there's a lot more, but this should whet your appetite):

Quick Quiz: What kind of credit card user are you?
How to avoid overspending with credit cards
How to avoid borrowing from credit cards
Never pay credit card fees again!
What if you get hit with credit card fees?
The 4 steps to getting the most out of your credit cards
It's definitely worth reading. My impression is that improper use of credit is one of the areas where many (if not most) people make financial mistakes.

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