Monday, December 19, 2005

This Week's Carnival of The Capitalists

This week's COTC is up at Coyote Blog. In addition to hosting the Carnival, he's also taking the opportunity to showcase some of the Acme Company's products from RoadRunner/Coyote fame - very nice. As usual, here are my picks:
Anita Campbell at Small Business Trends is doing her annual trends series. She relays her conversation with futurist Watts Wacker and his forecast of trends we can expect to see in 2006.

Free Money Finance gives you 10 questions you should be asking about your retirement.

Here's one for the kids (in the hopes that they'll avoid some of the mistakes we made): Why Homeschool talks about early economics training for your kids, and gives some approaches for teaching them outside of the classroom.

Searchlight Crusade discusses privacy concerns over real estate and mortgage forms. He explains why (unfortunately) we don't have much choice about disclosing the information.

Retired at 30 announces the brand-new Carnival of Investing. It's focused on investing and personal finance. Be sure to check it out.

David Porter breaks down ARMs - Adjustable Rate Mortgages. It's useful information, particularly since interest rates are rising.

Financial Options has a summary of economic indicators for release next week, with commentary.

James Hamilton in Econbrowser takes another stab at the gas price "gouging" meme - as always, worth a read.

Finally, for all you "word nerds" like me, Wordlab looks at politically correct alternatives to "Christmas"
Look around - there's always lots of good stuff at the Carnivals.

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