Monday, December 12, 2005

This Week's Carnival of Personal Finance

This week's Carnival of Personal Finance is up at Wealth Junkie. Here are my usual picks of the week:
First off, there a couple of good tips on saving money on various purchases: In Deals, Josh Cohen at Multiple Mentality shares how he got some laptop accessories at a great price, and in Money Saving Tip: Buy Parts Yourself and have Mechanic Install Them, 2million shares how he shaved 63% off his car repair costs.

Next, there are a couple of good posts on electronic banking: ncnblog from No Credit Needed explains the process of online bill paying and shares some tips in Online Banking Questions Answered. In addition, TT from Retire at 30 shares how you can use electronic banking to cover all of your financial bases in Budgeting Made Easy 1 of 4: Electronically Pay Yourself First,

Third, there are a couple of good retirement-related posts: FMF at Free Money Finance discusses some key retirement planning issues in 10 Things You Should Ask Yourself About Retirement, Part 1. And, Amit at Not Broke looks at the features of Roth IRAs, in Roth IRA--one of the best retirement planning vehicles around.

Finally, Ironman at Political Calculations celebrates their one-year blogiversary by posting a master index to all the investing, personal finance, economics, politics and other unique tools its created over the past year in A YearÂ’s Worth of Tools. Lots of good stuff there, and kudos to Ironman for all his hard work.
As usual, check around - there's always lots of good stuff up at the Carnival.

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