Monday, June 19, 2006

It's Not Easy Being Blue

For years, we've had SRI (socially responsible investing) funds. These are mutual funds that invest in companies that are (by whatever standards) deemed "socially responsible." Most research seems to indicate that these funds underperform their peers.

Now, you can invest in a fund that invests according to "Democratic" (the party, not the political system) values. According to CNN Money:
Blue Investment Management said it plans offer its Blue Fund, which invests only in companies that give the majority of their political contributions to Democratic candidates and adhere to progressive values, the company announced in a SEC filing earlier this week.

... Among the 75 different companies included in the Blue Fund are eBay (Charts), Apple (Charts), Liz Claiborne (Charts), Lehman Brothers (Charts), North Fork Bank (Charts) and Starwood Hotels (Charts).
Read the whole thing here.

I guess this would be the opposite of what Steven Bainbridge suggested last year:
[A] fund whose investment portfolio consists of companies selected specifically to annoy people like, say, Kos. Of course, we'd want a diverse selection of high performers too. After all, making a lot of money off such a fund would only further annoy the socialist left.

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