Thursday, June 22, 2006

Please Give My Dad Some Coffee

Most of my friends know that I'm a big coffee drinker. A few years back (when Unknown Son, then age 4, was undergoing chemotherapy), we'd stop at the local Starbucks every morning for a cup of coffee before going to the hospital. One day, he said to the girl behind the counter,

"Could you PLEASE give my daddy some coffee? Because when he doesn't have his coffee he gets GRUMPY" (complete with emphasis on all the right words).

A cute kid with a bald head is pretty hard to resist, so this netted me a free large latte (and he got some free swag, too). It worked so well that we tried it at a couple other Starbucks (Yes, I'm shameless, but you might as well use what you've got, and Balding Dads aren't nearly as cute as their kids).

Now my kids will tell anyone who asks that "Daddy gets grumpy without his coffee". So, they got a big kick out of this Folgers commercial that's making the rounds of the internet. Their favorite scene was the growling dog (about a minute in) - they said it reminded them of me.

HT: Ann Althouse

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