Friday, June 30, 2006

Two More Down: Clearing My Plate Before the Move

Ah! I finished and shipped the book chapter yesterday and the overdue referee report today. I want to move without too much "near finished" business hanging over my head. So, in the next three weeks I have to:
  1. Finish another referee report (it's for a different journal than the previous one, and it is one that's a likely outlet for some of my work)
  2. Complete final edits on an empirical piece that I've been working on for about a year with a former student. The data crunching is done, and all that's left is final polishing. I should be able to finish it with about 2 days of solid work.
  3. Finish a theoretical piece that I'm working on with a colleague at my current school.
  4. Get two Ph.D. students at my current school squared away on the projects we're working on. Both are joint projects with the colleague mentioned in #3, so she'll continue to ride herd on them after I leave. However, I'm taking the lead on both projects, so the further we can move them along the better. In addition, one of the two students needs a LOT of handholding, so it could get pretty painful doing things long distance.
I'd like to clear my plate as much as possible before I move because I know that I'll be fairly unproductive for about a month thereafter. Deadlines are good, and I know I can relax a bit after the move -- our new place is about 7 miles from the beach.

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