Friday, June 16, 2006

Son of T. Boone Pickens Charged With Burglary

Michael Pickens (son of Texas Billionaire T. Boone Pickens) is in the news again. A while back (as I previously mentioned here), he was arrested for securities fraud. Now, he's charged with the much more mundane crime of burglarizing a fly-fishing store in Cornwall, Connecticut:
Pickens stopped in at the fly fishing store Friday and Saturday, chatting about football and portraying himself as a high-powered stockbroker on a fishing vacation, Booth said Friday.

He said he was related to T. Boone Pickens, but did not say he was the billionaire's son, Booth said.

A few hours after closing the store Sunday night, Booth returned and said he discovered that someone had jimmied open a back window to break in, then tossed reels, weights and other fly-fishing items valued at about $3,000 into a cooler.

While waiting for a state trooper to respond to his call, Booth inspected the store and office to see what else was missing. He said he discovered Pickens sleeping in the fetal position under a desk, his face resting on his folded hands.
Read the whole thing here.

He seems like a troubled (and possibly not-all-there) guy. I don't buy the idea that the children of the rich and famous are more likely to grow up troubled, but when they do get in trouble, they get a LOT more publicity. I did a quick Google search and found quite a few mentions of the story.

I'm just glad my siblings and I didn't get that much media attention while going through our adolescent years.

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