Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's Like I'm In A Geico Commercial, But With Refinancing

How was my day?

Well, I didn't get much research done, and I didn't get too much done on my classes either. I did meet with a student for about an hour while on a presentation that my class has to give to our outside advisory board.

But other than that, I didn't get much done. But I'm happy anyway.

Why? Because I just saved a bunch of money on my mortgage. I refinanced it from its initial 6.25% rate to a new rate of 5.75%. Total costs (once the escrow gets paid back in about a month) were about $1500. So, the decrease in the mortgage payment means I pay back costs in about a year, and after that I'm $1,500 to the good each year.

Not bad. The Unknown Wife and I are trying to save some money, but we celebrated by going out to the loval Java shop for a couple of good cups (Kona for her, a Latte for me) and an extremely rich pastry.

Yeah-- with two kids (and a still hefty, but less so after today mortgage), this is about as much as we end up splurging.

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