Friday, November 03, 2006

TGIF Link Dump

Yes, it's Friday at Unknown University (and everywhere else, for that matter). I've taught my classes, graded my exams, and even done a little research.

Unfortunately, I also had to fill out faculty evaluation forms for other faculty. Yes, that's right -- at Unknown University, ALL college members get to chime in on ALL tenure and promotion cases.

So, we end up in the ridiculous situation of a brand new untenured assistant professor filling out an evaluation of whether or not an Associate should be promoted to Full. And better yet - the associate professor can ask to see the untenured assistant professor's evaluations (after the fact, but still, it's a possibility).

Since I'm brand new, I decided not to fill out evaluations for anyone but the two assistant professors in my area that are going up for tenure, and a couple of other assistant professors who have regular annual reviews (I know their work, so it's pretty easy). Both should be shoo-ins for tenure, but stranger things have happened. As for the others, if I'm challenged for not having filled out an evaluation, I'll just say that I'm not comfortable with my ability to make a decision that carries so much importance.

In any event, here are some links to keep y'all busy while I go out for a Strongbow's Cider ( or two) with some colleagues (who aren't up for either tenure or full):
Ever wonder what GDP, CPI, and all those other acronyms mean? About Economis has a good primer on economic indicators.

The scheduled host of the Carnival of the Capitalists screwed up. So, the fine folks who run the Carnival have posted it here.

And last but not least, Seeking Alpha discusses ETFs with 12b-1 fees. Now THAT's an investment to avoid.
Enough blogging - pass the StrongBows.

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