Friday, November 17, 2006

TGIF Link Dump

It's the weekend at last. Well, not really, since I have enough work to make it necessary for me to come in to my office Satuday (and probably Sunday, too). But at least classes are done. And next week I have an exam in one class and a review in the other. And then Thanksgiving.

Hopefully, the light schedule for next week will allow me to catch up a bit. The first semester at a new school is always a bit hectic, and this one certainly ran true to form.

In any event, here are today's links:
CXO Advisory group reviews some academic research on "synthetic hedge funds"

JLP at AllFinancialMatters has a short tutorial on how to get refreshable stock quotes in an Excell spreadsheet.

The traditional hedge fund compensation is "2 and 20" (i.e. a 2% annual fee of aasets under management and 20% of the profits). The NY Times Online reports on a hedge fund that has a very different compensation structure-0 ti's based on performance over multi-year windows.

The NYT also has another article where they profile a paper by Bebchuck, Grinstein, and Peyer. It indicates that options backdating wasn't just limited to high-tech firms. there was also a lot of it going on at old-line companies. HT: Jim Mahar at
Enough blogging. Back to research or no soup for you!

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