Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday Link Dump

The Princess (a.k.a. The Unknown Daughter) turned six on Thursday. We had a small family celebration that night, but she has her friends over for the big to-do today. That means that in a short while there'll be 10 little girls in the house having a tea party, decorating cookies, and otherwise causing a merry commotion.

This afternoon, Unknown Son has a soccer game, and later this afternoon we drive about 90 minutes to Unknown Grandma's house (incidentally, we do cross a river and go through a wooded area). She'll watch them for the evening while we go to my 30th high-school reunion.

So, since later blogging is unlikely, here are today's links:
According to the Wall Street Journal, political junkies are trading in political futures markets like Tradesports.

The NY Times reports on how companies targeted by hedge fund short-sellers are starting to fight back using the courts.

About Economics has a good primer on Foreign Exchange Rates and FX Markets.

I won't even describe this stunt except to say Do. Not. Try. This. HT: The very strange lads at Catallarchy.

Lisa Fairfax at The Conglomerate discusses a recent study by TIAA-CREF that indicates that having women on corporate boards changes governance dynamics.

James Hamilton at Econbrowser has studied the effects of Fed interest rate changes on the housing market. He finds that an interest rate change affects new home sales for up to five months later.
That's all for today, folks. I have a few errands to run before we get overrun by little girls.

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