Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday Link Dump

I had a tough night last night -- I woke at 3 a.m. and tossed and turned until 7. And of course, today's my long day (I teach until 8:30 tonight). So, I'm a bit of a wreck, and I'm sure I'll be worse as the day goes on.

Having said that, here are today's links. Some are from the weekend, but at least I've now cleared out my feed reader. Enjoy:
Want to make a humorous poster easily? Go to (HT: Market Power) has a piece on companies with dual-class shares that concentrate voting power in management's hands. These are interesting from a governance standpoint - the usual justification for the dual class structure is to insulate management from the supposed short-term focus of the market.

Dealbook tells us how investment banker compensation incentives result in so many deals being announced near the end of the year.

The WSJ seems to be doing a lot of pieces lately with an international investing flair. In this piece they talk about investors turning to currency funds to hedge risks. The investment results to this strategy haven't been all that great lately.

Finally, this Week's Carnival of The Capitalists is hosted at Show Me The Money. There wasn't that much in the finance realm, so I won't give a pick of the week this time around.
That should keep y'all busy. If I take a nap, I might blog more later. If I don't, I might just end up falling asleep in the middle of my own lecture.