Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Link Dump

The Unknown Wife and I braved the mall yesterday, and did almost all our Christmas shopping. I still have to buy my traditional Shiny Thing for her, but that's about it. With all this, I didn't get around to emptying my feed reader, so have a few links to things that I came across in the last day or two. None are specifically finance or business related, but they're all thought provoking:
Mary McKinney at Academic coach talks about procrasdistraction - this is the phenomenon of when you finally sit down to a task you've been avoiding and a list of all the OTHER things you have to do springs to mind.

Joe Carter of Evangelical Outlook has a great piece about the philosophical contrasts between It's A Wonderful Life and The Fountainhead.

Finally, Tyler Cowen Marginal Revolution discusses a paper that shows what many of us already know, but it's good to see it measured: hard-working coworkers make us work harder.
Off to work - I've procrasdistracted enough for now...

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