Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wednesday Link Dump

The semester continues to wind down. Students in my Student Managed Investment Fund make their presentation to the alumni advisory board tomorrow night. So, they've been hard at work grinding away on their presentation. They're panicking, but they should do all right.

And my investments class has only a little more material to cover. So, I'm almost done except for exams.

While I work on my class material, here are a few things to keep you busy:
James Hamilton at Econbrowser explains why the inverted yeild curve might not signal a recession. His answer - foreign purchases of treasuries.

Private Equity (over at Going Private, one of my favorite blogs) takes a few well aimed shots at the recent Market Watch piece I recently highlighted on dual-class shares.

Information Arbitrage discussses a New York Times article on how to interpret stock buybacks.

Steven Dubner at the Freakonomics Blog points to a really creative use of the Web - a YouTube For Data.

According to Calculated Risk, implied probabilities from options on Fed fund futures indicate a 75% chance of a Fed rate cut at the March meeting.

And finally, Sound Money Tips has a great list of resources for using the web in finding people at no (or low) cost.
Enough blogging - back to work.

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