Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mungowit's Law On Unpublished Work

Dang. Lately it seems like I end up referring to Mike Munger's blog on a daily basis. That's because he has a lot of good things to say, and he says them in an interesting and amusing way (with a huge dose of attitude). Here's his latest, which he calls Mungowit's Law:
Everyone's unwritten work is brilliant.
Everyone's written but unfinished work is excellent.
Everyone's finished but unpublished work is good, but they won't show it to you.
Everyone's published work is...well, most people don't HAVE published work. They are too busy talking about how brilliant their unwritten work is.
He takes it from a piece titled "Scaling the Ivory Tower" (in PDF format) for which he was one of several contributors. It contains extremely good advice for academics just starting out (both in grad school and new assistant professors). Skimming through it, I noticed that it echoes Boice's advice to write every day.

Enough Type B Procrastination. Back to work.

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