Saturday, January 07, 2006

New Year's Resolution Update - Week 1

As promised, I plan on keeping y'all up to date on my New Years Resolutions (to get up at 6:00 daily, to put in at least an hour daily on research, and to lose some weight - primarily by getting 30 minutes of exercise daily). So, here goes the first update
  • I did horribly on getting my lazy carcass out of the rack by six o'clock. I only made it one out of the past seven days. Part of it is my natural preference for staying up too late.
  • I did much better on the research goal. I managed an hour on one day, three hours on three days, and four on three days (and, NO zero days). These are actual hours spent on research, not just time spent kidding myself that I'm working - I got a computer software stopwatch program, and now log my actual time on work (when I flip over to blogging, for instance I turn the stopwatch off). It's a but anal, but is sure cuts through my amazing ability to lie to myself.
  • As far as the aerobic activity, I put in between 15-18 minutes on the bike and/or elliptical trainer four days this week. I'm trying not to increase this part too quickly, since I have a slightly arthritic knee that is prone to swelling up (getting older really stinks).
  • And yes, I dropped about a pound and a half.
So, not bad for the first week. One down, 51 to go.

And on that note, time for bed.

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